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Acrylic on wood with Custom frame- 2 available in different sizes


ACRYLICS 8×10 Loopy Waves:

Acrylic 10×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

ACRYLICS 8×8 Abstract Flowers:

Decorating & Finishing Touches on Living Area

Before- Looking from driving seats towards back

Looking forward from hallway

One of my must haves when trying to find an RV to live & travel in was a clothes washer. I have two active boys, and boys are boys and get dirty.

But there are two problems with that: 
1- cost
2- bad reviews/issues.

Then I found a small portable washer that is gravity drained (no pump to break) a super fast spin cycle that leaves clothes almost dry and stellar reviews… kicker was it was about $100! 👊🏼

I knew I wasn’t going to use the dinning table so I took one bench out to install the washer and I used the other bench as a shelf and added butcher block counter above.

The distressed wall is actually peal and stick wallpaper! Its so easy to apply and if you want to take it down and change things up it won’t ruin the wall! You can find it in many styles and patterns here!

Metal Basket on wall are from amazon too!

The round circles on the fridge are peel and stick too. I used Rust-Oleum chalk board paint.

The curtains are from Target and are light block, which will help keep the RV cool! I trimmed the curtains to fit the length I wanted and used the extra and made a bed skirt for the jack knife sofa in the living room area.

Raised dog bowl was a great find at Target! Even though it takes up floor space, having it raised allows feet to go under it so it feels like it doesn’t take up so much room.


For the Living Room

I had this vision of a space full of color and mixing patterns. I wanted the small space to pop but also flow, ya know since an RV is the ultimate open floor plan!

Before sofa

Target is hands down my favorite store for decorating my house. Each year they never disappoint with their collections!  I bought the same curtains I had in my house because I absolutely love them.  I was drawn to finding a mauve cover for the sofa bed, originally I was envisioning a darker color but I fell in love with this jersey knit blanket ❤️

I scored a few things on clearance like the round blanket and long throw pillow. *Pro tip- check the end caps for discounted items! 👊🏼

I took some of the wood panel wallpaper off of the wall because I’m in love with one of my abstract paintings I did so I just had to hang it up! It pulls all the colors together in the space perfectly.

I can not wait to relax on my sofa after long days exploring the US on our travels!


On the opposite side of the sofa are the boys chairs. One of the reasons I fell in love with this RV was these chairs. I wanted the boys to have seats with seatbelts to travel in and not just a dinette booth. Traveling for 4-6 hrs a day would not be comfortable in a dinette booth! We also have 3 seat belts in the sofa too. I really like sitting in them because I can prop my feet up on the sofa! The table in between the seats I found at an antique shop. I cleaned it up and put a clear spray sealer on it. I just need to get a glass top cut and that project will be complete!

There is a pull down twin above the cab. Kai has requested they use that as their “kid cave” I’ll figure out something to make it special soon but for know I just need to get a sheet on the mattress. It was still wrapped in its original plastic when we got it, the original owners never used it!

Boys hanging out while I worked on finishing the bathroom

This week my mother in-law will help me finish up the new front window curtains we are making. They slide on a track and will give us privacy and help keep things cool. One of the old ones is still hanging but only by a few snaps! My daughter broke off most them when she took them down so we could wash them. But when the sun is beating in the front window they are still useful!

Art, Art, Art!

One of my goals on this trip is to dive more into my own art, to develop & explore painting with what inspires me as we travel.

The country is wide and the landscapes vastly different. Some of the great artist in history have been influenced by the landscape, like the New Mexico desert inspired paintings of Georgia O’Keef and the breath taking black and white photos of Yosemite National Park by Ansel Adams.

I want to capture that awe and wonder on paper or canvas.

So stay tuned and check out my Etsy store often to see what is available for sale or brows through my art work here.


Back to School: School Shopping


I was about to head out this morning to do our back to school shopping. I had the three lists printed out, I was frantically trying to get the kids up and going but they just were not having it this morning! Keao was the only one ready and willing to go shopping, which is so rare for her! Keanu slept the latest but still woke up a grumpy monster! He got some Stress Away rubbed on him and laid down for a bit! Kai got dressed, barley ate and then came to me crying as he was trying to brush his teeth. His lymph node in his jaw/neck area was swollen and painful. This is nothing new, anytime his body starts fighting something off, that is the first thing to swell up! We quickly did our home remedie treatment using essential oils. As I was rubbing some on his neck he asked if we could just stay home today. At that point I was completely on board with that idea but knew Keao would be disappointed that she couldn’t get her school supplies. I quickly thought and said to her “Hey! You want to grab my computer and shop on Amazon for your school supplies?” She got excited and said “Can I search for Pokemon folder?” Sure what ever floats your boat right now! I thought… haha crises adverted! Thanks Amazon!

If you don’t have Amazon Prim you need to! Free shipping and Free 2-Day shipping on most stuff is just about the best thing since ice cream! (I know the pun is supposed to be Sliced Bread but Ice Cream was a much better innovation!) They have a Free 30-Day trail membership, after it’s only $99 for the year! If you do any Christmas Shopping online it will save you 10x the cost of membership! I even ordered some organic and gluten free snack items for school lunches, talk about easy! Too bad they don’t have produce!


Where in the U.S. are the Rit-Fit’s: Mall of America, Minnesota

July 12th

Change of Plans! We checked out of the hotel in Rapid City a day early so we could do Mall of America. We were planing on hitting up the Mall of America on our way out of Minnesota, but our good friends, and Kai’s God parents, whom we were going to stay with invited us to join them at their family’s cabin. Since it was further north, and we wanted to maximize our time with them we decided to go there first!

It was the first time for Keanu to go to the MOA and the first time Kai remembers being there. We had a great time but I was bummed we couldn’t ride the Pepsi Roller Coaster! Not sure if they changed the height requirement but I remember taking Keao on it when we visited and she was 5! Kai is 6, almost 7. Despite that, we had a great time and we were surprised how much had changed since we had been there 6 years ago!






We ended up walking the entire mall! The boys were sure tired! lol
We stayed right at the Radisson Blue Hotel, which is connected to the Mall! It was great to be able to just walk back to our room when we were done and to do some last minute shopping and walking around before we continued on further north.

We did some shopping while we were there too! My all time favorite workout clothes, Athleta had a supper great sale going on so I was so excited! I found a supper cute winter vest for 60% off!


You can find some great buys on their website! Free shipping on orders over $50 too!

We found the boys some cute slip on Vans for the boys for like $12! Score! Keanu’s glow in the dark and Kai’s can color his in.


Update:8/15…I Tried to save Kai’s shoes! Keao decided she would “help” her brother color in his new Vans I got him for school. She came out frustrated the markers were bleeding and it wasn’t working. I calmly😁😁 took them and got to work! Tried to do an ombré ocean to lighten them up. We’re going to say the other sharks are the evil dark ones hiding in the deep blue!