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Acrylic on wood with Custom frame- 2 available in different sizes


ACRYLICS 8×10 Loopy Waves:

Acrylic 10×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

ACRYLICS 8×8 Abstract Flowers:

Art, Art, Art!

One of my goals on this trip is to dive more into my own art, to develop & explore painting with what inspires me as we travel.

The country is wide and the landscapes vastly different. Some of the great artist in history have been influenced by the landscape, like the New Mexico desert inspired paintings of Georgia O’Keef and the breath taking black and white photos of Yosemite National Park by Ansel Adams.

I want to capture that awe and wonder on paper or canvas.

So stay tuned and check out my Etsy store often to see what is available for sale or brows through my art work here.



So so excited to see my paintings find amazing homes right before we had the house packed up. Art needs to be seen and enjoyed!

I will be painting as I travel, look for new piece in the near future!

Emotions I wasn’t expecting

As much as selling the house and traveling was my grand idea, packing up the art studio has been so hard! I had many plans for my little studio and it makes me sad to not see them unfold.

The kids I had the opportunity to teach was such a blessing and part of me feels like I’m letting them down while I move on with my own kids to give them what they need.

I pray that the time we had together was enough to grant them the love and passion for art for the rest of their lives!