The Freedom Trail, Boston MA

People think I’m crazy for travel alone with my kids or driving a 35ft RV. Which I actually might be! Ha! But I would be even crazier to let fear hold me back or rob my kids of something amazing.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been 100% easy or fun but you have to pull your big girl panties up so you can have these experiences.

Rental car view! Not driving RV into Boston!

I had been to Boston at least 3 times as a kid for field trips but I had never actually been inside any of the buildings along the Freedom Trail.

Seriously! How sad is that!? So much History!

The boys walked a lot today and learned a ton to earn their Jr. Ranger badges. Keanu even said “Mom I’m literally going to DIE if I walk another step!” But every step was worth it and a ring pop had him skipping down the sidewalk so he obviously didn’t die!! 

We did find the farmers market at Haymarket Square, which was amazing! I snagged strawberries and blackberries $1 for each container! And the boys each got a pear to snack on while we walked back. 

Street Dance Preformance Group

I can’t tell you how awesome the Jr Ranger program is, you just have to grab a book and see how much you can learn. It’s not easy & they don’t hand those badges out like candy!

The highlight for Kai was getting to be an apprentice to the printer at Faneuil Hall! He even got to keep what he printed. How awesome is that!

Have you visited a National Park or done a Jr Ranger Book?