Beach Day, Surfing Weekend!


Surfing is our family sport. Much like an all day soccer tournaments or swim meets, surf comps last all weekend. So that means a lot of prepping of food for me! This day we had to be there super early- like 6 am. So I HAVE to start my am with a Spark! This last me all day, no crash like coffee and a whole lot less calories- because I like my coffee light and sweet!


I made egg and bacon wraps for breakfast. My husband didn’t want the eggs in a muffin so I tried these and it turned out great!



Lots of fruits and veggies to snack on and PBJ sandwiches.

We also bring GF pretzel and Tortilla chips and salsa. Lots of snacking stuff. I let the kids pick all day. With the heat and them being in and out of the water its hard to round them up to all sit and eat. We also bring water for everyone and Rehydrate!

This weekend we will be at it again for the McKevlin’s Gromfest.

Coconut Cilantro Lime Chicken

This was made on the fly. I was planing on making chicken but wanted a different twist to it. I had 3 limes from my organic delivery I needed to use. Coconut and lime sounded like a good mix.


I cooked the chicken in the juice of 3 limes and I only had dried cilantro on hand so I trough in about a 1TBS, salt and pepper to taste. Once the chicken was almost done I added the peppers to cook. When those were done I removed them and set aside. I through the coconut in and cooked it and browned the chicken.



This was the rice and quinoa mix I had pre-made and frozen. I heated up some of these and viola! Dinner was served!

Pasta Salad

This is my favorite pasta salad, which is perfect for summer parties and BBQ’s!

What you need:
GF Pasta I like this one:

One small bottle of Italian dressing.

This is an easy dish to make your own! Add any veggie or meat you like!
My favorites are: olives, different colored peppers, capers (this makes the dish!), cucumbers, carrots (sliced thin), turkey peperoni or shrimp, shredded chicken breast.


After you cook and cool the pasta, mix everything together and let marinate in the fridge and allow the dressing to be absorbed into everything!


Eat it how it is or add to a bed of spinach for a wholesome dish!

Corn Bread Taco Bake


This is a supper yummy and full flavor dish that the entire family will love! You can easily make this dish up for more then one family serving and freeze!

I buy Organic if possible, I am finding more and more at the store- especially at Publix (and Costco) which is the closest by my house and much less expensive then the “Health Food” stores!

Take a package of Ground Beef (1 lbs) I found mine at Costco. Buy in bulk and freeze it!
Frozen corn (1-2 Cups based on how much you like in it)
Black Beans (1 can)
Diced tomatoes (1 can)
Green chillies
Onion (1/2 lg or 1 sm)
Garlic (2 cloves, adjust for taste)
Chili Powder
Coconut oil

I cook my onions for a bit in coconut oil, then add in garlic and green chillies. Salt and pepper to taste. Set this aside in bowl. Cook the ground beef in the same pan and use the oil/flavor that’s left behind! Add, Salt, pepper and Chili pepper to taste. Once cooked, drain off any extra oil then toss in tomatoes, corn, beans and onion mix you set aside. Place in bottom of baking dish.

For the corn bread top I use Bobs Red Mill GF Corn Bread mix.
Follow directions on bag and pour mix on top of the ground beef mixture in pan. I used a fork to make lines in the corn bread. 1/2 way through baking I “buttered” the top slightly with coconut oil. ( You could use Earth Balance non dairy spread too)